Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

The Embassy’s trick-or-treating night was on October 26th. When we arrived at the Flake’s home, we ate chili with them. Oh! It was so delicious! Then, we dressed the children in their costumes, got pictures, and then bundled them up to go outside.

Since we couldn’t bring our camera with us in the Embassy, Levin sent us pictures again. Thanks, Levin!
From left to right: Minnie Mouse (Leah), Zorro (James), cowboy monkey (Oliver), Rapunzel (Kate), and Batman (Bruce)

Kate’s Rapunzel wig was suddenly not fitting well and wanted to pop off. We figured that it was because I had tied the top of the braid into a ponytail which made it too tight (I did not try it on Kate when I pulled it back into the ponytail). Unfortunately, since we had glued flowers to the hair, we couldn’t just undo the ponytail. Stink! And after all that work! We made it fit though, and Kate just kept tugging it back with her hands when it slipped too far off.

Melissa had brought back some trick-or-treating bags from the States and shared with us. They ended up being perfect because Kate got a princess one which included Rapunzel, and Bruce got a Batman bag. Even though James’s didn’t match is costume, it had Mickey Mouse on it, which he loves.

I stayed at the Flake’s house with William to visit with Melissa and their baby while she passed out candy. It was fun to visit with Melissa since we don’t get a lot of chances to visit during the week or at church. I didn’t end up dressing William up, since he just stayed inside with me, so he did not end up being a bear again. Oh, well.

It snowed most of the day, but thankfully it let up while the children trick-or-treated.
We even saw the moon that night, which made Kate so excited because she had prayed for it.

The kids got tons of candy while trick-or-treating. After they returned with the dads, we stayed at their house for a while longer to visit and let the children play and eat their candy. Again, they allowed us to trade candy from Oliver’s bag to James’s so that James could have more safe candy for him to eat.

Last year the children watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” at the Flake’s house after trick-or-treating, so naturally my children thought they needed to watch it again this year. Levin humored them. We had a great evening at their house, and afterwards Levin drove us home so that we didn’t have to take the metro back.

On October 31st, all of us forgot for part of the day that it was even Halloween.  It didn't help that it snowed most of the day again.  But, we finally figured it out. That night we had chili again (because it’s just the perfect Halloween meal) and the children dressed up in their costumes and I took more pictures.


This is how Bruce wanted to pose.

Said with a gravelly voice, "I'm Batman!"

El Zorro

James wanted me to take a picture of him carving a “Z” with his blade. Funny guy! It’s a good thing that there is Photoshop to insert his “Z”.

Tiger-Head Baby
(For the sake of the evening -- after all, he needed to dress up too!)

Happy Halloween!

Then, we had a Halloween dance. For some reason, the children had to have the dining room completely dark for their dance, so it was a good thing that my camera had a “low light” option.

We had an enjoyable time celebrating Halloween this year!  Thank you to the Flake’s for making trick-or-treating possible for our children!  If you celebrate Halloween, we hope you had a good one, too!

(Confession: I’m excited that Halloween is over now because that means I can start playing my Christmas music! It’s always so hard for me to have to wait until November.)


  1. I am glad you had a good Halloween! The family dance looks like fun. What music did you dance to?

    Glad the greyness is being coveted with some snow, and that Kate got to see the moon!

  2. I love your costumes!! I'm so excited for when our boys can bond over Zorro. :)