Friday, November 9, 2012

Dusty Mess

Dust used to be a constant issue for us during our first year in Moscow.  I didn't know if it was because of the pollution in this huge city we live in, or if it was just because we were in a different place, but I have never had to deal with so much dust in my life! Not only did it make our furniture look disgusting, but it gave us a bad case of boogers.  Maybe that’s too much information, but it’s the truth!  Dust will do that.

When we first arrived, we could not find a duster anywhere, so if I wanted to dust something, I had to use one of my towels or washcloths.  It was gross to see how quickly my white cloths would turn grey.

After several weeks, we found a nylon fiber (?) hand duster at a home store and I quickly bought it.  I tried it first thing when we got home.  I took it to the dustiest place in our apartment -- my black bedroom vanity.  Unfortunately, as I swiped the duster over the surface, the dust did not stick to the duster as it should have.  Instead, it just brushed clumsily down to the floor.  Grr!  What a waste of precious money!  So it was back to the washcloths for a while.

Finally, I found a microfiber duster. It has worked great, without any problems. Who would have ever thought that I would feel so giddy to finally get a duster?

However, I have been pleasantly surprised that since our moth-infested rug has been replaced, the amount of dust we get has gone down significantly! Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I dusted and it's not bad. Of course, you can see some dust, but at this moment it is still nowhere near the dust we used to get after only a week of dust last year. It makes a lot of sense now that we got so much dust from the rug. Not only were moths devouring it, but it was just a really old, worn-out rug. Kind of like having a dog or cat, we’d find carpet fibers on us when we weren’t even sitting on the floor, obviously, and we’d sometimes even find it in our food (yuck!).

There are SO many reasons why we do not miss that old rug! The dust is just one of them (and having less boogers is another, of course).   :)


  1. Glad you found a good duster, and that you have less dust to deal with.

    We are getting ready to move later this month, and as I was pulling out stuff for one of the RS sisters to take to DI for us, I found your package of cards and stickers, all labelled with the info Scott would need to put on the I ternational packing slip. Somehow it got put on the kitchen table, and then moved with a bunch of winter things (?) and put in the DI stuff corner. (The winter things weren't for DI either, but they all ended up there.) So, they is why it hasn't arrived. It never left.

    I am having the next surgery in late December or early January, and I hope my brain works better afterward. (As well as my spine, feet and legs of course.) How are you doing health wise? Have you had the surgery or are you still waiting? I pray for your family, and even though I am not-so-secretly jealous of the adventure, I am not sure I would be as happy, brave and valiant in the face of the challenges you have met. Thank you for sharing your life, thoughts, pictures and faith. While you aren't preachy about it, your love for your family and the Savior and the faith you live daily, come through as a shining example. Hopefully I can talk you in to guest posting some time for the My Mormon Perspective series. :-)

    I will be sending your package along to you soon. I have a number of Oprah magazines with fun pictures and ideas. Would that be a treat for you and the kids? I am going to include a small gift for each of the kids. I wasn't sure if you and Kate have pierced ears. Can you let me know? Also, feel free to put in a few special requests. I can't guarantee anything, but I would love to help make some fun surprises for the kids from someone they haven't met. :-)

    Hugs to your whole family!

  2. It's disgusting and awesome that your dust problem went away with the rug. Ew! Awesome! When you think about how much dust your lungs were having to