Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Octopus

Don’t be jealous, but when I was shopping at our nearest magazine (grocery store), I found these on an aisle end cap, with some other sea life, in a high traffic area. Baby octopuses!

Since we ARE in Russia, I wonder if they are pickled in vinegar…

I was surprised, and a little grossed out to see them. I cannot imagine what they are used for. I searched a little in the two Russian cookbooks that we own, and I could not find a single recipe that called for octopus, adult or baby. However, they must be used for something somewhat common, because the magazines located randomly all around us are small and don’t carry a huge selection, so they wouldn’t use the valuable shelf space if people didn’t buy it.

I have eaten dried squid in the past, and actually really liked it, but I’m not so sure about these whole, baby octopuses. I think I might pass on this cultural experience, just like the horse jerky.


  1. I know you were being facetious, but I am jealous! I would love it if I could find a carton of baby octopi. I have a fave Chinese dish that they are fabulous in, I would love to know how the Russians cook them!

  2. Russians don't really cook it)) it's not traditional Russian cuisine, I think it comes to Russia from China or Korea. In 90s Korean pickles were very famous here (Korean carrot and asparagus) so this kind of pickles comes too!
    Yes, it's pickled in vinegar. And it taste like usually pickled seafood.
    Some buy it to eat with boiled potato, and some buy it as a snack with vodka.
    Sorry for my English.
    I just start to read your blog and can't stop and want to comment))
    And I'm really sorry for your "adventures" in Russian hospital. Russia isn't a friendly country for living here(

  3. Yes....not a fan of rubbery seafood. Not to mention in whole form like that. I try not to say that any food is gross, but I would have a hard time with these. :)