Friday, October 5, 2012

Disney Staycation: Day 1

We kicked off our Disney Staycation on the evening of Thursday, August 23rd. The children and I pulled out the decorations we had worked so hard and long coloring, and I quickly cut them out while they taped them around the rooms. We had enough decorations to fill the living room, the dining room, the hall, and the children’s bedroom. We had also made a couple of signs together, which we found spots for and taped up.

With the house all decorated and looking cheery, we ate dinner, and then we got into our pajamas and prepared for a movie night. We wanted to watch a Disney movie, but we really wanted to see one we had not seen before. So, we shopped around on iTunes and decided to buy “The Ugly Dachshund”. As I have said, we have been obsessed with dogs lately, so the kids especially enjoyed this movie!

The following morning we attempted to relive the Hawaiian luau breakfast at the Disney Polynesian Resort.

While Jon and I made breakfast, the kids pulled out all of our plush birds and played with them while we listen to the “Tiki Room” song.

Kate and James also came up with some Hawaiian-ish decorations to add to the room.

We had some Russian kiwi pastries that reminded us a lot of Hawaiian sticky bread. We also had scrambled eggs, and some delicious tropical fruit juice with umbrella straws.

After breakfast, we went out to play at the playground. We walked a different way than usual, and we found this wall art that we just had to get a picture of the kids by, despite the dirty looks from some construction men.

When we got back home, we had an Unbirthday Tea Party! We drank some herbal tea, and afterwards we gave each of the children an Unbirthday present. Kate got a plush Minnie, James got Mickey, Bruce got Goofy, and William got Pluto.

After lunch and quite time, we did a couple of activities surrounding a theme of the "Three Caballeros". (Kate’s very favorite ride at Disney World when she was 3 years old was the ride in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot).

First, we watched the “Three Caballeros” song on YouTube. Then, we went to the park across the street and did our piñata.

Making a Mickey head piñata was easy and turned out pretty cute, but obviously I didn't think about how it might appear. I'm sure nothing says, "I love Disney," more than bashing in a likeness of Mickey's head. Whoops! (Next time we may have to come up with something different for our piñata – maybe a Disney Villain!)

Have you ever done a piñata as a family? It seriously so fun! Since there were trees all over the park, we first sent the children around to find large sticks to hit the piñata with. I thought we might all share a stick, but the children were enthusiastic in their search and brought back fists full, so they each had their very own sticks. William even got one to hold, even though he didn’t get a turn hitting the piñata.

Jon found this cool root with a big knot and a hole at the end. He shoved a rock through the hole and made an interesting “tool” (using that word is an inside joke, but doesn’t ‘tool’ sound better than ‘weapon’?). After the kids had finished with the piñata and gotten their candy, Jon put it back together enough so that he could use his “tool” on the last of the poor piñata.

The kids with their candy

For dinner that night, we ate chili to go along was our Mexican theme.

After the children got all ready for bed, we pulled out another gift for them -- awesome wind-up flashlights from IKEA. (We’ll never have to worry about changing stupid flashlight batteries again! Haha!)

We went into the children’s bedroom, shut the door and the blackout curtains, and turned out the lights. Then, we watched a clip from the Disneyland Electrical Parade on YouTube, and afterwards we blasted the song while the children shined their flashlights around the room at their Disney pictures that they’d colored, doing our own "parade". The kids were pretty spazzy with all the excitement from their new flashlights and the energetic music, but it was still a lot of fun!

Do you remember how I mentioned we made fireworks with glue and glitter? Well, we had taped those up on the children’s ceiling earlier that day. As a finale for our first day of Disney Staycation, we listened to some more Disney music, and then we laid on our backs on the ground and shined the flashlights up at the fireworks and had our very own little fireworks show. Just to be silly, we oohed and aahed at them. We giggled and had a lot of fun!!

Some of our fireworks
Top to bottom, left to right:
James, me, Kate, Bruce

Our first day of Disney Staycation was a success! Here is a picture of our four little lambs, holding their plush Disney characters, and wearing Disney themed pajamas that, luckily, we already had on hand.


  1. Love it!! How fun! I love the creativity of it all. Yay for Disney Staycation-Day #1. (Those kiwi pastries look very yummy!)

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  2. So adorable! I love the firework and the light parade! I have many happy memories as a kid going to disney and watching the parade, I was sad when they took it away but was so excited when they brought it back a little bit ago. I want to go see it again.

  3. What a wonderful time! We had a Staycation a few years ago, and had a lot of fun. It wasn't free, and since we were on unemployment, it took a lot of creativity and time planning. It was really great though. It looks like you came up with some fun things that I never thought of!

    Looking to hear more soon!